Sounds Of An Introvert

by Lyriqs

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The 5th studio album from Lyriqs.


released March 30, 2018

Produced by Dwight Giles. Executive producers Carlos Beauford, Jeremy Edmondson


all rights reserved



Lyriqs New Jersey

Lyriqs a native of Linden, New Jersey is a Producer, Writer, & Artist. He started his interest in music as a dj from the early age of 15. Taking cues from the elements of Hip-Hop and blending them with beats from old records acquired from his father's
collection. As time & skill progressed Lyriqs self taught style of production utilizing cassette tapes and turntables gave him local notoriety.
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Track Name: Lyriqs Matter
3 feet & rising
crafting a low end theory
out side that big busy city things get weary
they say things Fall apart but I ain’t ready to die
watch my heart
pray for a blue print never depart
outside Paul’s boutique
it’ was rather unique
got all eyes on me
but they ain’t see those ATliens
get rich or die tryin
strictly business
Slim got shady
straight of Compton the world got crazy
everyone was licensed to Ill
never touched chronic
some of y’all need to chill
popping to many pills lost focus of your skills
thankful, 2014 drove through forest hills
college dropouts they infamous
late registration so they didn’t get the syllabus
Train of Thought frivolous
right there is a reflection eternal
yea I’m killing this.
asking myself do they want more
Roots never criminal minded
but had to settle the score
by all means Necessary
black on both sides after February another panther became legendary
it was written
we were we only built for Cuban Linx
Lyte as a rock
mama said knock you out
public enemy
ivory verses ebony
that’s fear of black planet
yea I’m Illmatic stillmatic
yea i still matter
me against the world
smell the Stank on this world
get it , I’m a OutKast
never give in to anger
that’s danger
I keep that locked in 36 chambers
till to my last breath life after death
faith in a resurrection oh yes
one day it’ll make sense oh yes
takes a, nation of a million to hold us back
give me 2001 back
just good kid in a mad city
finding forever is more than a 7 day theory hear me
it’s something like water for chocolate
hand under the faucet
this life is so costly
midnight marauders
trying get paid in full
easily some get fooled
they miss the education of Lauryns Hill
we all walking uphill
straight out of the jungle
we ain’t running for sport
we trying overcome the struggle
see I’m just somewhere stuck in the middle
trying to follow peoples instinctive travels and paths of rhythms
all hail my kings and queens we ride
I discovered how to pimp a butterfly
and now my journeys justified

uh uh and this how we rock
roll slow
when you coming through my block
get low
that’s the ticking of the clock
we only striving for top we never going stop
Track Name: Jersey Soul
welcome to my basement
dirt off my pavement
more than entertainment
this right here is a statement
just a kid on a grind in a world so unkind rhymes in his mind perfecting his design so divine, shine, we about to climb
take it anyway you like
or you can take a hike
this is life through a mic
Mj in flight
steph behind the three
Kapernick with the knee
visuals, for everything, everything we see
y’all better recognize
this right here is so specialized
this revolution ain’t televised
open your ears an analyze
hoodie Melo with the flow
99 on these streets on the low
just waiting to blow
welcome to the show
this more than dough
give me cheese & the butter
a rose from the gutter
fresh food from the dumpster
game for a youngster
a L for buster
I on my tunes
East /West another brook we about to thunder

everyday I’m trying live on
so every moment gotta go strong
my soul on over everyone of these songs
so you know it’s more than media we on

young black & gifted
we ain’t convicted
we ain’t afflicted
skin committed
vocals fitted
these ears are gifted
don’t get it twisted
vocals ballistic
mamas wisdom
with a a Jersey rhythm
black system
with a light symptom
a dark mission
with a bright vision
all these bars
but no prison
African chapter
black panther
Wakanda grander
marvel candor
avenge the slander
we the commanders
we the answers
lived a struggle
made me humble
got something to say
so you won’t hear me mumble
on top of the rubble as the world crumbles
concrete jungles and introverted struggles
Burst these bubbles flex these muscles
solve these puzzles keep these hustles
grab these shovels
dig these tunnels out these troubles
my scope on the Hubble
Track Name: Push & Pull
Same mind same grind
we all trying to read these signs of the times
some searching for that absolute high
I'm just trying to give reasons in rhyme
stack a quarter for every dime
and a quarter for every climb
then take a nickel for every other crime
made against mine from mine to stop me from shinning forcing me to keep grinding other souls keep crying, wonder why we trying seems like they lying the young simbas keep dying
privilege keep flying ,habits keep buying
our mommas keep sighing everything social wonder why the media keep spying
we give it up so easily
treat our lives like a harlot we share it so frequently
conveniently we follow but won't get liked equally
deleted so needlessly wishing someone needed me
the world keeps feeding me
so obscenely
bull & foolery keep fooling the fool in me
feel like i loosing me
you keep abusing me
all of this nonsense just confusing we
and the eniemes taking my memories blemish my emories
suck all of my energies continuous injuries
so when it's time to push and pull just remember me

they keep pulling us back so we don't move forward
now we stuck in a chorus
another tree in orchard
so we push back you can't do me like that no no I won't let you do me like that
you pull I push back harder

they say it's mind over matter
got me feeling like my brain about shatter
quick to serve you on platter
when you try climb that ladder thats the only time when we start to matter
try start new chapter
run little faster
life's a wheel I'm a hamster
that's the game we trying master
I keep this art in my heart
hoping that the 2 never part
maybe we can be the start
are we the board or the dart
soul or a heart
we read the books but are we really smart
we run the streets but are we really concrete
the foundation seems weak
we let slip when we speak
shows in the physique
this game is oblique
check your technique
follow leaders through a melody
moving crowds for a remedy
pulling us closer to the edge
know the ledge
In objects some pledge that's the wedge
wont let us ahead
stuck in beds
counting threads
let it get to our heads
now we stuck on meds
they claim its mental like my wisdom dental
I'm the pot & the kettle
that black metal that won't settle
careful thorns in a rose pedal
play no games with the devil
all this ain't accidental
Track Name: Black Fruit feat. Black Los
I ain't the typical
I ain't hypocritical
I ain't some mythical I bleed through like visuals
I'm an individual mind-state inexplicable
skin tone inadmissible emphasis on every syllable
I'm Black Fruit with a strong root
faith like Ruth, I am Groot
I'm a guardian protecter of my galaxy
for every Sam that sung i bring
the gravity this is rhapsody
let me sing my wrongs
let me right my songs
out of place so the lonely just prolongs
scratches on my arms picked cotton from these farms stuck with life's prongs asking where do I belong
I keep my eyes woke, silent alarms
half anti too much social harms run along
play the game, chase thrones
eyes aimed aerial my mind stays flying above drones
outside I hear the groans
cracking of bones
eyes slave to phones
searching for justice for just us
actions taught only to trust us
but truth we won't discuss
my melanin causes disgust
so I confide within these 4 walls
with one stall one call
just these words and one mic prisoner to life I fight to flash light in these dark nights
it's my introverted right
so let me extrovert this mic

I know, I know where my faith is
These folks behaving so basic
Some hypocrites and some racist
They so faceless, they so faceless

I ain't want hear it
i ain't want see it
i ain't wanna believe it
i ain't wanna relive it
lock the door
throw away the key
let me create my own peace
words be the firing piece
so much need to release
pain i continue to lease
it just continues to increase
I just want it to cease
I keep my head my up
since I was a young pup
could take the easy way sip from the devils cup
should I follow daddy's path, one sip two
4 sips what it do the 5th blame everyone but you
paid attention to the view
don't complicate my hue
instead of the 8 ball i decided to be the cue
the last one on the table
keep my composure, remain stable, stay faithful skin is labeled so they can disable keep me with the Cain instead of being able
Birthed from a strange limb
over shallow water
Reflections of king fighting no slaughter
Taught to never swim
sweet seed thick skin
this is how the story begin
they say my color offends
watch these branches bend trying to withstand the wind give me this win
I wonder if I could blend
but instead confide within these 4 walls
one stall one call
these words, and one mic
life fight ,flash light in dark nights
it's my introverted right
so let me extrovert this mic
Track Name: One Struggle
never pushed Bugatti’s
not even a Audi
$4.75 in pocky
gloves on
life be rocky
ambition my creed
yea it cocky
no need for greed
take sips of sake’ light complected they call me Papi
lack of funds won’t stop me
when you doubt me yea I got me
perfect my future
trust in prophecy
that’s how i profit see
give you this honesty
a sip of tea
non fiction with no pulp
and now Oj’s free

we go go
everywhere we go
one jungle
one struggle
one hustle go

never seen a hublot
never had money to blow
penny to my name
silence to my fame
pictures worth a gram in this game
such a shame
constant vanity
the audacity to ask for sanity
through this brutality that mentality
new formality
we fell for the trap
now we glorify through rap
what you expect mama
we live for that drama
some just live for the commas
but won’t get out their pajamas
I’m a brag on my endurance
I’m crushing these serpents
yall servants to this circus
I’m just putting in my service
serving my purpose
trying to survive on this surface
not your average joe
with substance
everyday a struggle
don’t push my buttons
Track Name: Survive
survival mode
before I explode
this a ticking time bomb
better stay off my road
it’s a narrow path
stay clear of my wrath
keep yo hands off my math
before I go spaz
don’t want me full blast
better stay off my hey
those quiet ones cray
y’all better watch y’all say
in this room since May
five fingers don’t play
we do that radio sway how much do your bars really weigh
every lyric get pay
but still struggle today
see a new bill everyday
everyday I go pray
only one I obey
these idols no play
this world in decay
and to some they feel it’s ok
on my Monday thru Friday
and they still got something say
to these critics I’m prey
their judgements dont faze
keep it pushing through days
find direction no Waze
put dirt on these Jays
search the for the sun when it’s gray
no bread for my toast
cause that butter be ghost
still thankful don’t boast
when I do get the most
stay humble in heart
& creative in art
you hear that hook that you sang
that make your ear drums rang
so you know this joint bang
cause my survival don’t change
just live and maintain
& keep from going insane

I got haters on the side
trying divert these focused eyes
my path is for that prize
I wanna make it out alive
Snakes on my timeline
everyone one a Einstein
I ain’t got that time
just focus on mine
verse 1
they trying to take me there !
I ain’t going nowhere
second verse
see I studied proverbs
so I’m a pro with these verbs
Leon’s verbal abuse all that i heard
so I survived with my words
im the geek & the nerds
gave my story through blurbs
raised in those burbs
this jungle of a world keeps me perturbed
our peace is disturbed
we keep it reverbed
every day in these bricks running from licks
all for some kicks in these courts like those Knicks
our hearts they be Spiking
to keep us from climbing
keep all of us sighing
so many be dying
facing these serpents
this Lee keeps on fighting
it’s all in these writings
I hope y’all be finding
on a higher cliff
keep my name as glyph
take this right here as gift
your face needs a lift
I ain’t giving free rides
I had to earn what I drive
had that drive in my eyes
mama taught me to rise
so I got up every morning
while those sirens were warning
the snakes out there swarming
the skies they be storming
prints in the mud
I’m treading these floods
still dishing out love
while I’m pushed and I’m shove
cause when push come to shove
I still put on those gloves
you better watch who you shove
or you better stay woke see ,get this Donald Glove
child this ain’t no bluff
i been through the rough
I don’t dish out the fluff
I’ve been through enough
my skin is that tough
you hear that hook that you sang
that make your ear drums rang
so you know this joint bang
cause my survival don’t change
just live and maintain
& keep from going insane
Track Name: Greens & Biscuits
i want those greens & biscuits
Mac & cheese with the 80 proof liquids
you know the way mama cook it up
dash of hot sauce now they spiced up
that's the real good eating
one big spread and everybody feasting
but not enough seating so not everybody eating
plate in hand standing & seething
somebody better get to leaving
it's late in the evening we don't no need beefing that's just leads to thieving besides the youngns should sleeping uncle in the corner leaning better get auntie she outside shouting & screeming hurry before the po start meeting disturbing niecey while she staring at the stars smiling & dreaming
about that guy she met that took her breath , made her sweat promised the world & now she regrets
so easily we forget when they flash begets
they leave grandmas sweet potatoes for those private jets
cuz In the kitchen on a mission to take home some of that chicken ,
southern fried finger lickin greese in the kitchen. smells be sticking, clothes be stinking, while that cake batter mixing , erebody invited come on over y'all we got all the fixings

now it's after dark and the noise echo in park
belly full

everything that I need is right here
nothing in the world compares to right here
home cooked meal. yea it's right here
need a little comfort yea it's right here
need a good a laugh yea it's right here
need a good drink yea it right here
need some advice, yea it right here
everything that you need it right here
right here right here
Track Name: Denzel Tear
raised in a attic surrounded by static
avoiding the traffic the panic manic attacks
& organic tracks
a young boy raised,tight fade determined to amaze set the world ablaze despite the burdens that weighs the kid that Rochelle raised taught to give Jah praise
make words spray & give thanks everyday when you pray hey
ain’t nothing going stop me
when I know who really got me
and it ain’t my sometimy papi
& this here is more than a hobby
clean cut, never sloppy
my prerogative, Bobby
never snobby maybe snotty
(oh yea) from Jersey,
like the kid that did karate
I put work in on this body
so examine this body of work
and watch what I embody
heart & soul
constantly with our hands on the coals
telling stories through different flows
ready for what life throws
shout to my bros J & Wes
we went through the worst & the best
cried when we laid Mase to rest
what up Chuck
shout out to Arty
the vocals of the party
black los we keep these rhymes dope we the last hope
J raph the little bro I never had
let’s push these sounds & get that math
congrats nephew on being a new dad
some stories made me some pained me
this is how I became he this ain’t made for tv
head above water watch this stream
what’s reality without a dream
I only sleep to devise it’s scheme

this my story
this me glory
Denzel tear
i keep the scars near
(I’m still here )
this what made me
this what made
this what made

one Knee kapernick situation
no occupation seen every complication
it’s a, beautiful struggle
young simba in the jungle
under pressure never buckled
seen to many stumble
and I wonder through these years
why we constantly shed tears
carrying weight of my peers
40 years of fear in these ears never disappears somehow reappears
cause of my skin tones gears yea I’m engineered
not black enough for black
but dark enough for black
unattainable expectations on my back
I got, a father that ain’t love me
but mama adores me
I got , a world that won’t hear
but this mic heals me
this the real D
and I will be
any expectation that I place on me
I’m that boy from linden
this ain’t fiction
these words are my addiction
said with conviction
these drums are my prescription
to the plague that life spills
and the pain that we fill
when the devil try kill
while we run up hill
& behind on every bill
& our kids are popping pills
this world is so Ill
I seen it all
on the ball court with a deflated ball
this the world that I saw
5’7 tall still learned how to ball back against the wall
made from the bricks
held down by freckled chicks & tight click

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