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Black Fruit feat. Black Los

by Lyriqs



The new single from the forthcoming album Sounds Of An Introvert.


I ain't the typical
I ain't hypocritical
I ain't some mythical I bleed through like visuals
I'm an individual mind-state inexplicable
skin tone inadmissible emphasis on every syllable
I'm Black Fruit with a strong root
faith like Ruth, I am Groot
I'm a guardian protecter of my galaxy
for every Sam that sung i bring
the gravity this is rhapsody
let me sing my wrongs
let me right my songs
out of place so the lonely just prolongs
scratches on my arms picked cotton from these farms stuck with life's prongs asking where do I belong
I keep my eyes woke, silent alarms
half anti too much social harms run along
play the game, chase thrones
eyes aimed aerial my mind stays flying above drones
outside I hear the groans
cracking of bones
eyes slave to phones
searching for justice for just us
actions taught only to trust us
but truth we won't discuss
my melanin causes disgust
so I confide within these 4 walls
with one stall one call
just these words and one mic prisoner to life I fight to flash light in these dark nights
it's my introverted right
so let me extrovert this mic

I know, I know where my faith is
These folks behaving so basic
Some hypocrites and some racist
They so faceless, they so faceless

I ain't want hear it
i ain't want see it
i ain't wanna believe it
i ain't wanna relive it
lock the door
throw away the key
let me create my own peace
words be the firing piece
so much need to release
pain i continue to lease
it just continues to increase
I just want it to cease
I keep my head my up
since I was a young pup
could take the easy way sip from the devils cup
should I follow daddy's path, one sip two
4 sips what it do the 5th blame everyone but you
paid attention to the view
don't complicate my hue
instead of the 8 ball i decided to be the cue
the last one on the table
keep my composure, remain stable, stay faithful skin is labeled so they can disable keep me with the Cain instead of being able
Birthed from a strange limb
over shallow water
Reflections of king fighting no slaughter
Taught to never swim
sweet seed thick skin
this is how the story begin
they say my color offends
watch these branches bend trying to withstand the wind give me this win
I wonder if I could blend
but instead confide within these 4 walls
one stall one call
these words, and one mic
life fight ,flash light in dark nights
it's my introverted right
so let me extrovert this mic


released February 15, 2018
Produced by Dwight 'Lyriqs' Giles


all rights reserved



Lyriqs New Jersey

Lyriqs a native of Linden, New Jersey is a Producer, Writer, & Artist. He started his interest in music as a dj from the early age of 15. Taking cues from the elements of Hip-Hop and blending them with beats from old records acquired from his father's
collection. As time & skill progressed Lyriqs self taught style of production utilizing cassette tapes and turntables gave him local notoriety.
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