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by Lyriqs



From forthcoming album "OPUS"


Check my thesis
the chess pieces
folded between the creases
replaceable, prosthesis
Life is so facetious
Pick up the pieces
So Sorry Felicia
kings over pawns
They take blame when its wrong
Potholes in my lawn
Yea it's the same ol song
No doves a Black swan
Everybody want the throne
Shine like chrome
Hoping the wheels spin
so they Rome
With a bishop as the dome
control over clones
Can't see the stars over wars
They Give less to the poor
While they cups over flow while they pour
The rooks at the door
Royalty ignores
Currency's a lion
Listen to it roar
Everybody want a piece
Even it means pulling out a piece disturbing the peace
ludacris money over peace
I guess they not happy until they decease
Just give me a Hill man in a different world man like I'm chilin with Denise
Huxtable so Comfortable
While everybody aims for the cliff
when eyes lift
Make sure your suits tailored
Cause The fall can come Swift

Next to a king is a queen defining means by any means
Unnecessary lines in between sheets
That's sweet with brothers that ain't Isly
They cheat that's the irony
All for a dynasty
The upper echelon, they die to be it quietly
The piracy Moving silently
Look at me
I'm the captain now
They need a Phillips cause there screws loose and if they choose too
they noose you
if they can't use you
See it clear as day
But I move like the knight
Movement unusual too sight
They see green, they obey it like sprite
The thirst is so trite
on the rise, sunlight
So bright blinded form left right
So I write what's left that's right
Life's a fight with all my might with one mic trying to Tie a son like Mike
She use to love life
But they turn her like Ike
All about the cam
She forgot about her fam
Put that grand in her hand
She in Dubai with the sand
With a band on a stand
Laying next to a man
Yea she saw that on tv
They make it look so breazy
And that's what everybody body wanna be

I before e
So only I before me
Competition me no see
Real mc, birth yall like pregnancies
Expose jealousies
Now they hunting me
Losing humbly
Controlling verses like Kendrick
My voice is so jimmy Hendrix
Lighting instruments on fire
You can call me sire
The bar just got higher
Now I'm on this beat like a pariah
Something like Andre
That's a double entendre
The main course call this the entree
Play verse on a Friday
the beginning of your weak end
Like the way this beat ends


released March 16, 2015
Produced & written by Dwight "Lyriqs" Giles


all rights reserved



Lyriqs New Jersey

Lyriqs a native of Linden, New Jersey is a Producer, Writer, & Artist. He started his interest in music as a dj from the early age of 15. Taking cues from the elements of Hip-Hop and blending them with beats from old records acquired from his father's
collection. As time & skill progressed Lyriqs self taught style of production utilizing cassette tapes and turntables gave him local notoriety.
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