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Fly Love feat. NEEK

by Lyriqs



Love love love wrote this
Baby girl, I see you hopeless
Trapped, drowning, In a abyss
Who would of thought love would of bring you to this
Go head, scream get pissed
I know you didn't think these feelings could exist
Barely breathing, when you reminisce
Just hanging on like a bracelet on your wrist
he ain't hearing you
And She ain't feeling you
Hate is feeding you
Love ain't seeing you
And this world, slowly try kill you
And it seems like, you slowly losing you
And what do you do
When it do what it do
And these walls won't break through
Maybe you lose
Feelings eschew
Only you got you
Check 1 ,2
bills overdue
Your signature spew
On your hustle too cooking that stew
Trying find that glue
Gotta keep it together
Trying to measure the pressure
control the weather
Pains the aggressor
stress is clever
find your endeavor
Don't be quick to- pull that lever
Keep your mind level
Don't dance with devil
Recognize your special
Let that love start to nestle

Chorus -

I want I need it I love it
That fly love

Heart heart your heart got broken
Love became a myth something like Odin
Sly like Loki heart can never reopen
Trust unspoken
take the hammer it's over
Smash what you want smash
Break what you wanna break
Rid yourself of the hate,
before it's too late
don't let it fill your plate
gluttony, can easily inflate (the hate )
Sad emoji
I know it's get lonely
You play the stations like sony
love songs are phony
And I know your heart stony
Baby please trust me, your not the only
Believe it gets better with time
Clear your mind your sublime
It's more than a line
Life's a climb
we all walk that incline
At the top it's shine
Lifes a constant loop on vine
It all seems to intertwine
Go ahead cry one
We all need one
Soar high above
Fly love

Baby what we have is so strong
And I promise to keep holding on
I would never let go of you
Cause the love we have is so strong


released April 23, 2014
Produced by Dwight "Lyriqs" Giles
Written by Dwight "Lyriqs" Giles & Cynthia Gethers


all rights reserved



Lyriqs New Jersey

Lyriqs a native of Linden, New Jersey is a Producer, Writer, & Artist. He started his interest in music as a dj from the early age of 15. Taking cues from the elements of Hip-Hop and blending them with beats from old records acquired from his father's
collection. As time & skill progressed Lyriqs self taught style of production utilizing cassette tapes and turntables gave him local notoriety.
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